Wednesday, 18 December 2013

One of the most interesting things about 'youth culture' is how rarely it is actually created by youth. In the mid 1950s when the 'teenager' is said to have been born the post-war Baby Boomers like me were still children - even those of us born in 1947 wouldn't hit 13 until 1960. And all that Rock 'n' Roll, films like The Wild One or Rebel Without a Cause featured musicians and actors well past their teenage years. Poor Bill Haley looked well past his sell-by date when he and his Comets finally had a hit with Rock Around the Clock. 

The teenagers were the audience - supporting musicians, writers, artists and film stars who, unlike the Baby Boomers, were born during or even before World War Two. But what an audience: an unprecedented teenage and then young adult demographic which shaped each and every decade right up to and including the present day. And shaped not only youth culture but every facet of the post-war world. 

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'What are you rebelling against?'
'Wha Ya got?'

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 Sex, drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

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